coordinated banner drops for #OperationPUSH

In Solidarity and Unity With Struggling Prisoners of Florida and the J20 Inauguration Defendants banners by Omaha Anarchist Black Cross, the Maoist Communist Party were deployed in the early morning of January 19, 2018.



Endorsing statement on #OPERATIONPUSH

January 13, 2018

Affinity groups within Anti-fascist Action Nebraska co-sign the statement of support to #operationPUSH drafted by The Organizing Committee for a Maoist Communist Party along with FTP-KC, FTP-STL and FTP-Omaha extends its full support and backing to the comrades in the Florida prison system, the belly of the beast, who have declared a work stoppage and organized Operation PUSH to struggle for the extension of democratic rights and rights as workers and as human beings. It is well known to all in revolutionary political circles and who have experience firsthand with these institutions that prisons are not places where one is rehabilitated. Prisons are slave factories. Slavery in the United States never ended, it simply changed form. The US Constitution provides a profitable loophole to allow slavery to continue to exist in this country by allowing those who are in prison to be forced to work without either adequate pay or rights. As a result, millions of Black men, women and children are now imprisoned and forced to work as slave labor. Everything from shoes to food to missile parts to McDonalds uniforms are made by prison labor that works for little to nothing an hour. This, in essence, means that prison labor is proletarian labor, working class labor, and prisoners are correct to struggle for their rights as a key element of the working class in the United States, and an advanced section of the proletariat. We commend and unite with the demands of the Operation PUSH movement and the revolutionary prisoners, namely,

1. Payment for our labor, rather than the current slave arrangement

2. Ending outrageous canteen prices

3. Reintroducing parole incentives to lifers and those with Buck Rogers dates

Along with these primary demands, we are also expressing our support for the following goals:

• Stop the overcrowding and acts of brutality committed by officers throughout FDOC which have resulted in the highest death rates in prison history.

• Expose the environmental conditions we face, including extreme temperatures, mold, contaminated water, and being placed next to toxic sites such as landfills, military bases and phosphate mines (including a proposed mine which would surround the Reception and Medical Center prison in Lake Butler).

• Honor the moratorium on state executions, as a court ordered the state to do, without the legal loophole now being used to kill prisoners on death row.

• Restore voting rights as a basic human right to all, not a privilege, regardless of criminal convictions.

The Florida DOC and entire state apparatus of Florida must realize and be forced, through action, to meet the demands of these prison workers. The State of Florida will stop killing our people both inside and outside prison. The entire United States will, in the final analysis, be toppled due to its inability to live without cheap prison labor and national oppression. Ho Chi Minh said long ago that when the prison gates open, the real dragon flies out. So, due to its consistent harassment and destruction of mainly Black life, the real dragon is stirring again within the borders of the United States, in the very belly of the beast, its prisons. We like it.

“What do you do when there’s no body giving you jack shit and you’re hungry? Add to this you wearing hand-me-downs, looking like you can’t be trusted? This is enough to drive you off the edge and try your hand at stealing, robbing, or selling drugs to make a dollar.

This is not a joke! In fact it’s our reality and for those who do have strong family support, we salute you, but please understand you are the few that are blessed with the foot hold that you have. This is not the case for the over-all majority, and this is the cause of high recidivism rates.

It’s time we reverse the psychology and STAND together. The way to strike back is not with violence as this is what they want! If we show them violence they will have a legitimate excuse to use brute force against us and explain to the public that they had to use brute force in order to contain the situation. However, their weakness is their wallet. By sitting down and doing nothing, each institution will have the responsibility of feeding, cleaning, and all the maintenance. DO THE MATH.” – Operation PUSH: Prison Work Stoppage Called for MLK Jr Day





Maoist Communist Party – OC

For the People – STL

For the People – Omaha

For the People – KC