William G Rempel aka tiptiptopkek, Hastings, NE white nationalist

William G Rempel, age 50, aka tiptiptopkek, was issued citations on Thursday, August 17, 2017 for putting up white nationalist posters on city property in Hastings Nebraska. The 50 year old man was identified by police in surveillance footage lurking around in the dark near schools, and affixing the posters with what was described as self-adhesive paper.

The background image on the posters feature a large jera rune, a pre-Germanic inscription meaning “year” or “harvest” in the Elder Futhark alphabetic arrangement.

The jera rune design matches the same as found on “alt-right business cards” that were left on cars with broken windows at the College World Series earlier this summer, and were investigated as hate crimes. The same cards have found their way onto college campuses and restaurants in Missouri, Iowa, and Michigan as early as Summer/Autumn 2016.

Rempel has numerous social media accounts including many neo-nazi forums like Stormfront, Daily Stormer, The Purity Spiral, and The Right Stuff. Rempel posts as tiptiptopkek and on Reddit as tiptiptopkek-NE. County records list him at 1607 w 3rd st Hastings, NE 402-834-0071.


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