UNICORN RIOT report: Neo-Nazis Plan Revenge in New Discord Server After #UniteTheRight

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Since the deadly August 12th #UniteTheRight rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Unicorn Riot has poured over 1000s of images of alt-right organizer chats on the gaming platform Discord. On September 5th, Unicorn Riot reported about Daniel Kleve plotting revenge for the grand unveiling we gave him. Kleve is a 3rd year biochemistry student at University of Nebraska-Lincoln and an active organizer for Vanguard America, for which he acted as a security detail for Baked Alaska in Charlottesville.

Read the whole account on Unicorn Riot. Here are important excerpts of Daniel Kleve plotting violence, as reported:

The ‘Pony Power’ server was set up by an individual using the Discord username ‘I Am Not A Gerbil’ who repeatedly identifies himself as Nebraska resident Dan Kleve. He also runs an online national socialist group called “Racial Theocracy”, for which he was profiled by the Anti-Defamation League earlier this year.

After Kleve was identified in Charlottesville and exposed online, people began calling the head of his department at University of Nebraska-Lincoln and demanding that he be expelled.

In an apparent retaliation for this, Kleve created the ‘Pony Power’ server to seek revenge by maliciously publishing the personal information of alleged antifascists and encouraging others to harass them and bring them harm. “There was a coordinated effort to get me kicked out of uni,” Kleve wrote in one Discord message.

Dan Kleve, referring to people to be listed in this database, asked “Do we go Turner Diaries on them?” – this comment made by Kleve appears to be advocating murder, as he refers to the 1978 novel The Turner Diaries, in which white supremacist insurgents overthrow the US government and exterminate all non-whites on the planet. The Southern Poverty Law Center has referred to The Turner Diaries as “the bible of the racist right.”