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Jayson Wells, Omaha, NE (La Vista) is a neo-Nazi. (Facebook)

Not exactly the kind that marches around in an SS uniform, but the kind that lends credence to the symbols on the uniform. Jayson Wells is an esoteric style neo-Nazi that builds the symbolic arm to make racial genocide seem flashy and dapper. Jayson’s screen name “JayZvola” is a play on both billionaire rap mogul Jay-Z and Italian philosopher Julius Evola. Using AAVE language or names is a common ‘false-flag’ practice of alt-right trolls in adopting caricatures of Black people to say racist, sexist, and fascist garbage.

Julius Evola was an Italian Fascist writer that expounded strict anti-modern, anti-egalitarian, anti-democratic, and anti-populist systems. Among other books, he wrote Revolt Against the Modern World: Politics, Religion, and Social Order in the Kali Yuga, which is a favorite read of Trump’s former chief strategist and Breitbart editor, Steve Bannon, which had previously also inspired Benito Mussolini. Evola was an acquaintance of Heinrich Himmler, the Nazi chiefly responsible for the creation and efficiency of concentration camps.




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Because The Right Stuff has learned that anti-fascists are archiving their hate forum, they no longer allow archivist sites access. So here are some screenshots. https://forum.therightstuff.biz/user/evolape


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Jayson Wells was more active on Daily Stormer but they have yet again been deplatformed and have retreated to a Tor node. Jayson would look like a run-of-the-mill stereotyped blue collar racist based on his forum posts, however, the imagery he chooses is more obscure than a swastika or a Pepe of the alt-right and alt-light. This is probably less due to his self-inflated idea of intelligence and more so that he is too cowardly to fly an NSDAP flag. Instead, the Black Sun flag he uses as his forum and Twitter avatar and Facebook header is modeled on the Reichskriegsflagge or ‘battle flag’ which were imperial German flags later adapted when Nazis took power.

Replacing the Iron Cross is the Odal rune, meaning heritage or inherited state in the Elder Futhark pre-Germanic writing system. The Odal rune was used by the SS Mountain Division in what was then the Independent State of Croatia, Hungary, and Romania, as they claimed themselves “ethnic German” or Volksdeutsche. Where the swastika is featured in the Reich flag is replaced with the Black Sun, another esoteric symbol, but with murkier origins. The Black Sun is both said to have mystical powers of an anti-sun (possibly a lunar eclipse) and to depict three inverted swastikas representing a rising, zenith, and setting sun. A large mosaic sun wheel exists in the north tower of a castle owned by Himmler which served as a generals’ quarters. Both anti-racist neopagans and modern day neo-Nazis in Germany use the image.

odal sun flagKriegsflagge


Archived links:

Facebook: (since deleted) http://archive.is/ZeICY

Twitter: http://archive.is/qeQEL

Email: jayzvola@protonmail.com

The Right Stuff: http://forum.therightstuff.biz/user/evolape

Reddit: (since deleted) reddit.com/u/jayzvola