Jayson “Jayzvola” Wells, Omaha esoteric neo-Nazi

jayson wells

Jayson Wells, Omaha, NE (La Vista) is a neo-Nazi. (Facebook)

Not exactly the kind that marches around in an SS uniform, but the kind that lends credence to the symbols on the uniform. Jayson Wells is an esoteric style neo-Nazi that builds the symbolic arm to make racial genocide seem flashy and dapper. Jayson’s screen name “JayZvola” is a play on both billionaire rap mogul Jay-Z and Italian philosopher Julius Evola. Using AAVE language or names is a common ‘false-flag’ practice of alt-right trolls in adopting caricatures of Black people to say racist, sexist, and fascist garbage.

Julius Evola was an Italian Fascist writer that expounded strict anti-modern, anti-egalitarian, anti-democratic, and anti-populist systems. Among other books, he wrote Revolt Against the Modern World: Politics, Religion, and Social Order in the Kali Yuga, which is a favorite read of Trump’s former chief strategist and Breitbart editor, Steve Bannon, which had previously also inspired Benito Mussolini. Evola was an acquaintance of Heinrich Himmler, the Nazi chiefly responsible for the creation and efficiency of concentration camps.




Tweet archive archive.is/4YCbb

Because The Right Stuff has learned that anti-fascists are archiving their hate forum, they no longer allow archivist sites access. So here are some screenshots. https://forum.therightstuff.biz/user/evolape


jayson trs.png

jayson trs 2

jayson trs 3.png

Jayson Wells was more active on Daily Stormer but they have yet again been deplatformed and have retreated to a Tor node. Jayson would look like a run-of-the-mill stereotyped blue collar racist based on his forum posts, however, the imagery he chooses is more obscure than a swastika or a Pepe of the alt-right and alt-light. This is probably less due to his self-inflated idea of intelligence and more so that he is too cowardly to fly an NSDAP flag. Instead, the Black Sun flag he uses as his forum and Twitter avatar and Facebook header is modeled on the Reichskriegsflagge or ‘battle flag’ which were imperial German flags later adapted when Nazis took power.

Replacing the Iron Cross is the Odal rune, meaning heritage or inherited state in the Elder Futhark pre-Germanic writing system. The Odal rune was used by the SS Mountain Division in what was then the Independent State of Croatia, Hungary, and Romania, as they claimed themselves “ethnic German” or Volksdeutsche. Where the swastika is featured in the Reich flag is replaced with the Black Sun, another esoteric symbol, but with murkier origins. The Black Sun is both said to have mystical powers of an anti-sun (possibly a lunar eclipse) and to depict three inverted swastikas representing a rising, zenith, and setting sun. A large mosaic sun wheel exists in the north tower of a castle owned by Himmler which served as a generals’ quarters. Both anti-racist neopagans and modern day neo-Nazis in Germany use the image.

odal sun flagKriegsflagge


Archived links:

Facebook: (since deleted) http://archive.is/ZeICY

Twitter: http://archive.is/qeQEL

Email: jayzvola@protonmail.com

The Right Stuff: http://forum.therightstuff.biz/user/evolape

Reddit: (since deleted) reddit.com/u/jayzvola

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Daily Stormer Omaha & Council Bluffs Book Club


Back left; clockwise: Brent Fox with his hand on his hip, Kale Muffley in the Metallica shirt. Kale’s brother Kevin Muffley in the Jagermeister shirt trying to seig heil. There’s Holland Ludwick in the ‘Good Night Left Side’ shirt in the back with Pinochet all over his face. You’ll notice Bryan Curtis in the OOSH Helicopter Rides shirt, Matt Johnson in the red CIS SCUM shirt, Holland’s brother Dylan Ludwick with his hands on his knees, wearing his favorite Every Time I Die shirt.

These are just a few of the active fascists in the Omaha metro. There are more, such as the infamous Gerhard Lauck in Fairbury; the 50 year old lecher, William G Rempel of Hastings, NE; Daniel Kleve, a junior at University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Nathan Patterson at University of Nebraska-Omaha; Cooper Ward of Omaha; and more yet to be named. Do your part to keep fascism from spreading like a cancer.

Barrel bar stormer

Brent Fox, white nationalist recruiter, Daily Stormer Book Club

brent selfie

Brent Fox, an Omaha, Nebraska “book club” recruiter for the neo-Nazi forum Daily Stormer. Brent is active in the Millard & West Omaha area, but recruits online for the Greater Omaha and Council Bluffs area, and attempts to expand his little circle of fascists by hosting members of the Des Moines, Iowa Stormer book club.

brent recruiting

(screenshot of the Daily Stormer with the Algerian domain suffix, active as of 8/29/2017, where the forum landed after all major domain hosting companies refused service to the website owner Andrew Anglin, following the deadly end of the Unite the Right rally organized in part by Anglin.)


Brent Fox is known on Daily Stormer as Fashy_fox, on twitter as @Lycalopex, on the road as Nebraska plate TPN 540, and he posted his professional email civilianfox@yahoo in the Omaha book club. The same email Brent uses on his resume, which he also helpfully posted online, however it is not up-to-date as of this posting. Brent is fluent in Russian and is a former Network Administrator II for the US Air Force Department of Defense. Civilian IT contractors that can’t figure out how Google works are running the backend of your defense systems, America.

(screenshot from the briefly held PunishedStormer during the interim of all major domain hosting companies refusing service to the website owner Andrew Anglin.)

On the The Right Stuff he is lycalopex, but has let it sit dormant, because like many white nationalists of the post-Trump election era that want to take their online hate to irl, TRS doesn’t present as deep of a well considering it is less centered on small cell organizing and more centered on non-stop fundraising via podcasts.

On Daily Stormer, Brent appears to have also claimed a leadership role in the Alt-Right card distribution the Omaha Stormer Book Club took part in at the 2017 College World Series where a Black man had his car window broken and a card left behind in the window seal. Brent gives a “friendly reminder that we do not break laws” and suggests the man broke his own window, but does not however deny leaving the Alt-Right card. This is the same incident where Omaha Stormer Book Club member Matt “Oktoberfaust” Johnson was found to have made a similar claim in a Youtube comment on the 3 News Now video segment. Matt was subsequently kicked out of his band and fired from his job in the same week he was exposed to have traveled to the “race realist” American Renaissance conference as a member of the criminal group of white nationalists known as Identity Evropa.

brent ds window(screenshot from the briefly held PunishedStormer during the interim of all major domain hosting companies refusing service to the website owner Andrew Anglin.)

Barrel bar stormer

Brent Fox, back left, and his Daily Stormer Book Club hate group, photographed the Thursday before smashing windows at CWS.

Here, Brent Fox says “I admire what you did” to ‘Ghoul’ just days after news that Ghoul is exposed as Cooper Ward, then-Deputy Director of Vanguard America, the same white nationalist group James Alex Fields belonged to on the day he drove his car into the back of anti-racist and anti-fascist marchers in Charlottesville, Virginia injuring dozens and killing Heather Heyer on August 12, 2017.

brent ds 1

Archived links:

Bryan Curtis, Council Bluffs, IA white nationalist recruiter

bryan curtis pic

UPDATE: Bryan was fired from his casino job and disowned by his family of school teachers. He currently works at Doozies Homemade Ice Cream and Burgers.

Bryan Curtis, a man of many names; a groomer of many teens. Bryan was a cook employed by Caesars Entertainment, dba Horseshoe Casino, in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Horseshoe has since terminated Bryan. It would seem Bryan has learned how to hedge his bets and spread his wagers. Bryan is SaintMattis on Daily Stormer (whenever the bbs happens to pop up for a few hours before getting deplatformed again and again.) SaintMattis, a meme on General “Mad Dog” Mattis, was Bryan’s Twitter handle until choosing something more vague like @AHeroForUs, then just deleting it all together. His bio read like a malfunctioning AI chatbot: “i just want the Physical removal of all communist. removal from existence in America. i’m a boy, goy. mostly here to h’Win or tell people they’re dumb.”

In Identity Evropa Discord chats he is bdmax and buttdickmaximum.

On The Right Stuff, he is smalltownFASH where he shared his “white pill” story:

I was a drug addicted degenerate 6 years ago. I cleaned up on my own, but finding this movement got me to stop the pot and over drinking, has me working out and reading non stop. I’ve dedicated myself to being able to one day have children. I still have a long way to go, but without ‘this’ I’d still be chasing independent women in bars and acting with no purpose or plan. My people gave me something to live for aside from my family.

Not able to connect to anyone on TRS, Bryan sought out like-minded locals on Daily Stormer in the early Spring of 2017. Emboldened by seeing the khaki-clad street gangs like Identity Evropa and Vanguard America gaining attention, Bryan wanted in. He began hanging flyers for both groups around the metro, and by May he was comfortable posting his personal email address on a public forum. Bcurtis363@gmail.com

bryan 1By early June he was giving full-throated neo-Nazi support to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Bryan’s use of GTKRWN is an acronym for “Gas the Kikes; Race War Now” popularized on Iron March, another neo-Nazi forum. bryan 2

In mid-July, Bryan and his Stormer Book Club were distributing Alt-Right cards at the College World Series, and breaking windows of Black veterans. There’s Bryan in the OOSH Helicopter Rides shirt and the rest of the Stormer Book Club.

Barrel bar stormer

By mid-August, Bryan was vetting new recruits in the IRL Book Club and planning meetups. In six months time, Bryan Curtis of Council Bluffs, Iowa was able to make connections with a handful of others that share his racial hatred, anti-Semitism, and claims to white supremacy.

Hate has consequences. If you have a racist friend, now is the time for your friendship to end. Bryan Curtis on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004409087478 (archive http://archive.is/DmGXm)

skype: Naphtali Sonofdan Bcurtis363@gmail.com

bryan brenr

Kale Muffley, Council Bluffs IA wannabe Klansman

kale muffley

Kale Muffley of Council Bluffs, IA is a classic racist. His style of ideology is Common White Boy racism –  a generational racist worldview – and isn’t easily marketed as Alt-Right because it isn’t a new sort of racist brand. Kale isn’t dapper and he doesn’t fit in with the collegiate and upper class ranks of the Chad Nationalists in their polo shirts and khakis, marching with their Tiki torches.

No, Kale is that old stereotype of racism: the angry working class with a trade. Kale Muffley has worked as traveling glazier installing massive beachfront windows in homes he’ll never afford, but is convinced he might some day. It’s good money when you can find it, or in Kale’s warped vision: If the Jewish Conspiracy wouldn’t keep him down.

kale meme.png

Before the Daily Stormer was run off the internet, Kale Muffley was also known as Fashygoydon. The Daily Stormer Book Club had a fashy little meet up the night before car windows were smashed at the College World Series and Alt-Right cards were left on the door. Kale was helpful enough to not cover his sweet Taurus tattoo on his left shin. The same Taurus tattoo on his Facebook user picture. (4/16/95 never forget!) Who are these other frogboys, you might be asking yourself? The squatting Moonman is none other than Identity Evropa member and Omaha drummer, Matt “Oktoberfaust” Johnson. The seig heil in the center belongs to Kale’s brother Kevin Muffley, also of Council Bluffs, and verified by his forearm tattoo sleeve. On Facebook, he is Kevin Nuggit Muffley (archive http://archive.is/eQJVi) and it seems fatherhood has taken a toll on Kevin if his 30-40 pounds of dadweight since his 2010 Georgia mugshot is any indication. (archive http://archive.is/Vtnz6)

Barrel bar stormer.jpg On Facebook, Kale still prefers to be called by his leafy green Christian name: Kale Muffley (archived view) and on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kalemuffley/

Taurus tattoo http://archive.is/Gu1xi

anti-Semitic Facebook meme http://archive.is/nocNK

KKK flag seig heil http://archive.is/2fqQc

William G Rempel aka tiptiptopkek, Hastings, NE white nationalist

William G Rempel, age 50, aka tiptiptopkek, was issued citations on Thursday, August 17, 2017 for putting up white nationalist posters on city property in Hastings Nebraska. The 50 year old man was identified by police in surveillance footage lurking around in the dark near schools, and affixing the posters with what was described as self-adhesive paper.

The background image on the posters feature a large jera rune, a pre-Germanic inscription meaning “year” or “harvest” in the Elder Futhark alphabetic arrangement.

The jera rune design matches the same as found on “alt-right business cards” that were left on cars with broken windows at the College World Series earlier this summer, and were investigated as hate crimes. The same cards have found their way onto college campuses and restaurants in Missouri, Iowa, and Michigan as early as Summer/Autumn 2016.

Rempel has numerous social media accounts including many neo-nazi forums like Stormfront, Daily Stormer, The Purity Spiral, and The Right Stuff. Rempel posts as tiptiptopkek and on Reddit as tiptiptopkek-NE. County records list him at 1607 w 3rd st Hastings, NE 402-834-0071.


Hastings man cited for white supremacist poster

http://www.nbcneb.com/content/news/440830223.html archived link: http://archive.is/3U4uh

Navy Veteran victim of hate crime in downtown Omaha

http://www.3newsnow.com/news/local-news/navy-veteran-victim-of-hate-crime-in-downtown-omaha archived link: http://archive.is/I7NhW


Tiptiptopkek-NE on Reddit

July archive: archive.is/okIhj August archive: http://archive.is/kcDlP

Tiptiptopkek on Stormfront


Tiptiptopkek on Daily Stormer

April archive: https://archive.is/TE5hG

Tiptiptopkek on The Purity Spiral


Tiptiptopkek on The Right Stuff


Iowa State alt-right cards found in library http://www.iowastatedaily.com/news/politics_and_administration/campus/article_abcb5e5e-e4c7-11e6-a96e-3f921cd34b96.html

Eastern Michigan University alt-right cards found


Lee’s Summit, MO alt-right cards in restaurant