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UPDATE: Bryan was fired from his casino job and disowned by his family of school teachers. He currently works at Doozies Homemade Ice Cream and Burgers.

Bryan Curtis, a man of many names; a groomer of many teens. Bryan was a cook employed by Caesars Entertainment, dba Horseshoe Casino, in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Horseshoe has since terminated Bryan. It would seem Bryan has learned how to hedge his bets and spread his wagers. Bryan is SaintMattis on Daily Stormer (whenever the bbs happens to pop up for a few hours before getting deplatformed again and again.) SaintMattis, a meme on General “Mad Dog” Mattis, was Bryan’s Twitter handle until choosing something more vague like @AHeroForUs, then just deleting it all together. His bio read like a malfunctioning AI chatbot: “i just want the Physical removal of all communist. removal from existence in America. i’m a boy, goy. mostly here to h’Win or tell people they’re dumb.”

In Identity Evropa Discord chats he is bdmax and buttdickmaximum.

On The Right Stuff, he is smalltownFASH where he shared his “white pill” story:

I was a drug addicted degenerate 6 years ago. I cleaned up on my own, but finding this movement got me to stop the pot and over drinking, has me working out and reading non stop. I’ve dedicated myself to being able to one day have children. I still have a long way to go, but without ‘this’ I’d still be chasing independent women in bars and acting with no purpose or plan. My people gave me something to live for aside from my family.

Not able to connect to anyone on TRS, Bryan sought out like-minded locals on Daily Stormer in the early Spring of 2017. Emboldened by seeing the khaki-clad street gangs like Identity Evropa and Vanguard America gaining attention, Bryan wanted in. He began hanging flyers for both groups around the metro, and by May he was comfortable posting his personal email address on a public forum.

bryan 1By early June he was giving full-throated neo-Nazi support to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Bryan’s use of GTKRWN is an acronym for “Gas the Kikes; Race War Now” popularized on Iron March, another neo-Nazi forum. bryan 2

In mid-July, Bryan and his Stormer Book Club were distributing Alt-Right cards at the College World Series, and breaking windows of Black veterans. There’s Bryan in the OOSH Helicopter Rides shirt and the rest of the Stormer Book Club.

Barrel bar stormer

By mid-August, Bryan was vetting new recruits in the IRL Book Club and planning meetups. In six months time, Bryan Curtis of Council Bluffs, Iowa was able to make connections with a handful of others that share his racial hatred, anti-Semitism, and claims to white supremacy.

Hate has consequences. If you have a racist friend, now is the time for your friendship to end. Bryan Curtis on Facebook (archive

skype: Naphtali Sonofdan

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