Nathan “Fashy Mav” Patterson at UNO


Nathan Patterson, a 20 year old Management of Information Systems student at University of Nebraska-Omaha, is the type of fascist that can fly under the radar by claiming his interest in National Socialism is purely an aesthetic one. Nate is a hobby vexillologist – a person that studies flags. Nate’s specific interest in flags leans so far to the hard right, he personally identifies himself on Voat as a “National Socialist, Midwest Secessionist, programmer”. His Iron Guard flag is so obscure it probably gets him called a hipster in vexillology circles.  The Iron Guard is the name most commonly given to a far-right movement and political party in Romania from 1927 into the early part of World War II. In 1940, the Iron Guard led an attempted genocide of Jewish Romanians.

Nate Patterson also wants to start a podcast about these topics, specifically on waging a war to secede Nebraska and create a white ethno-state. Any takers? He’s also on Facebook and Twitter as @n8patty

Nathan Patterson’s interest in fascism exceeds way beyond visual appreciation of flags when he’s submitting videos to v/Fascism of speeches by George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party. Another post submitted by Nate titled Fascists_irl shows a soldier with his head in his hands and the caption “When you realize Hitler was right” (archived link and another posted to v/SeriousDiscussion asked “Why is fascism so frowned upon here?” to which he replies:

I want a father figure to show me the ropes and guide me through life. Most people in the world would agree with me, considering about 53% follow some sort of Abrahamic religion.

Nate Patterson, to no surprise,  was active on the Daily Stormer where he shared his love of flags and fascism under the name Fashy_Mav, the Mavericks being UNO’s sports team. With the dissolution of the neo-Nazi forum and all of the cached posts, it is easier for all members to deny any connection, just like Nate thinks he can wrap his racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic desires of genocide in a cool looking flag.

fashy mav 2

On his personal Github blog and Reddit, Nate goes by the name kypres where he shares more of his flag love. He redesigned the Nebraska state flag and used the same Imgur link each time he boasted his design skills, and it is how we linked his social media to his name by simply Googling the url.

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