Bryan Curtis, Council Bluffs, IA white nationalist recruiter

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UPDATE: Bryan was fired from his casino job and disowned by his family of school teachers. He currently works at Doozies Homemade Ice Cream and Burgers.

Bryan Curtis, a man of many names; a groomer of many teens. Bryan was a cook employed by Caesars Entertainment, dba Horseshoe Casino, in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Horseshoe has since terminated Bryan. It would seem Bryan has learned how to hedge his bets and spread his wagers. Bryan is SaintMattis on Daily Stormer (whenever the bbs happens to pop up for a few hours before getting deplatformed again and again.) SaintMattis, a meme on General “Mad Dog” Mattis, was Bryan’s Twitter handle until choosing something more vague like @AHeroForUs, then just deleting it all together. His bio read like a malfunctioning AI chatbot: “i just want the Physical removal of all communist. removal from existence in America. i’m a boy, goy. mostly here to h’Win or tell people they’re dumb.”

In Identity Evropa Discord chats he is bdmax and buttdickmaximum.

On The Right Stuff, he is smalltownFASH where he shared his “white pill” story:

I was a drug addicted degenerate 6 years ago. I cleaned up on my own, but finding this movement got me to stop the pot and over drinking, has me working out and reading non stop. I’ve dedicated myself to being able to one day have children. I still have a long way to go, but without ‘this’ I’d still be chasing independent women in bars and acting with no purpose or plan. My people gave me something to live for aside from my family.

Not able to connect to anyone on TRS, Bryan sought out like-minded locals on Daily Stormer in the early Spring of 2017. Emboldened by seeing the khaki-clad street gangs like Identity Evropa and Vanguard America gaining attention, Bryan wanted in. He began hanging flyers for both groups around the metro, and by May he was comfortable posting his personal email address on a public forum.

bryan 1By early June he was giving full-throated neo-Nazi support to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Bryan’s use of GTKRWN is an acronym for “Gas the Kikes; Race War Now” popularized on Iron March, another neo-Nazi forum. bryan 2

In mid-July, Bryan and his Stormer Book Club were distributing Alt-Right cards at the College World Series, and breaking windows of Black veterans. There’s Bryan in the OOSH Helicopter Rides shirt and the rest of the Stormer Book Club.

Barrel bar stormer

By mid-August, Bryan was vetting new recruits in the IRL Book Club and planning meetups. In six months time, Bryan Curtis of Council Bluffs, Iowa was able to make connections with a handful of others that share his racial hatred, anti-Semitism, and claims to white supremacy.

Hate has consequences. If you have a racist friend, now is the time for your friendship to end. Bryan Curtis on Facebook (archive

skype: Naphtali Sonofdan

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Nathan “Fashy Mav” Patterson at UNO


Nathan Patterson, a 20 year old Management of Information Systems student at University of Nebraska-Omaha, is the type of fascist that can fly under the radar by claiming his interest in National Socialism is purely an aesthetic one. Nate is a hobby vexillologist – a person that studies flags. Nate’s specific interest in flags leans so far to the hard right, he personally identifies himself on Voat as a “National Socialist, Midwest Secessionist, programmer”. His Iron Guard flag is so obscure it probably gets him called a hipster in vexillology circles.  The Iron Guard is the name most commonly given to a far-right movement and political party in Romania from 1927 into the early part of World War II. In 1940, the Iron Guard led an attempted genocide of Jewish Romanians.

Nate Patterson also wants to start a podcast about these topics, specifically on waging a war to secede Nebraska and create a white ethno-state. Any takers? He’s also on Facebook and Twitter as @n8patty

Nathan Patterson’s interest in fascism exceeds way beyond visual appreciation of flags when he’s submitting videos to v/Fascism of speeches by George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party. Another post submitted by Nate titled Fascists_irl shows a soldier with his head in his hands and the caption “When you realize Hitler was right” (archived link and another posted to v/SeriousDiscussion asked “Why is fascism so frowned upon here?” to which he replies:

I want a father figure to show me the ropes and guide me through life. Most people in the world would agree with me, considering about 53% follow some sort of Abrahamic religion.

Nate Patterson, to no surprise,  was active on the Daily Stormer where he shared his love of flags and fascism under the name Fashy_Mav, the Mavericks being UNO’s sports team. With the dissolution of the neo-Nazi forum and all of the cached posts, it is easier for all members to deny any connection, just like Nate thinks he can wrap his racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic desires of genocide in a cool looking flag.

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On his personal Github blog and Reddit, Nate goes by the name kypres where he shares more of his flag love. He redesigned the Nebraska state flag and used the same Imgur link each time he boasted his design skills, and it is how we linked his social media to his name by simply Googling the url.

Archived links:

Trump flag portrait:

Voat profile:

Iron Guard flag:

r/Omaha podcast request:


Rockwell video submission:



Daily Stormer:

Github blog:


Imgur flag redesigns:

Kale Muffley, Council Bluffs IA wannabe Klansman

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Kale Muffley of Council Bluffs, IA is a classic racist. His style of ideology is Common White Boy racism –  a generational racist worldview – and isn’t easily marketed as Alt-Right because it isn’t a new sort of racist brand. Kale isn’t dapper and he doesn’t fit in with the collegiate and upper class ranks of the Chad Nationalists in their polo shirts and khakis, marching with their Tiki torches.

No, Kale is that old stereotype of racism: the angry working class with a trade. Kale Muffley has worked as traveling glazier installing massive beachfront windows in homes he’ll never afford, but is convinced he might some day. It’s good money when you can find it, or in Kale’s warped vision: If the Jewish Conspiracy wouldn’t keep him down.

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Before the Daily Stormer was run off the internet, Kale Muffley was also known as Fashygoydon. The Daily Stormer Book Club had a fashy little meet up the night before car windows were smashed at the College World Series and Alt-Right cards were left on the door. Kale was helpful enough to not cover his sweet Taurus tattoo on his left shin. The same Taurus tattoo on his Facebook user picture. (4/16/95 never forget!) Who are these other frogboys, you might be asking yourself? The squatting Moonman is none other than Identity Evropa member and Omaha drummer, Matt “Oktoberfaust” Johnson. The seig heil in the center belongs to Kale’s brother Kevin Muffley, also of Council Bluffs, and verified by his forearm tattoo sleeve. On Facebook, he is Kevin Nuggit Muffley (archive and it seems fatherhood has taken a toll on Kevin if his 30-40 pounds of dadweight since his 2010 Georgia mugshot is any indication. (archive

Barrel bar stormer.jpg On Facebook, Kale still prefers to be called by his leafy green Christian name: Kale Muffley (archived view) and on Instagram:

Taurus tattoo

anti-Semitic Facebook meme

KKK flag seig heil

William G Rempel aka tiptiptopkek, Hastings, NE white nationalist

William G Rempel, age 50, aka tiptiptopkek, was issued citations on Thursday, August 17, 2017 for putting up white nationalist posters on city property in Hastings Nebraska. The 50 year old man was identified by police in surveillance footage lurking around in the dark near schools, and affixing the posters with what was described as self-adhesive paper.

The background image on the posters feature a large jera rune, a pre-Germanic inscription meaning “year” or “harvest” in the Elder Futhark alphabetic arrangement.

The jera rune design matches the same as found on “alt-right business cards” that were left on cars with broken windows at the College World Series earlier this summer, and were investigated as hate crimes. The same cards have found their way onto college campuses and restaurants in Missouri, Iowa, and Michigan as early as Summer/Autumn 2016.

Rempel has numerous social media accounts including many neo-nazi forums like Stormfront, Daily Stormer, The Purity Spiral, and The Right Stuff. Rempel posts as tiptiptopkek and on Reddit as tiptiptopkek-NE. County records list him at 1607 w 3rd st Hastings, NE 402-834-0071.


Hastings man cited for white supremacist poster archived link:

Navy Veteran victim of hate crime in downtown Omaha archived link:


Tiptiptopkek-NE on Reddit

July archive: August archive:

Tiptiptopkek on Stormfront

Tiptiptopkek on Daily Stormer

April archive:

Tiptiptopkek on The Purity Spiral

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Iowa State alt-right cards found in library

Eastern Michigan University alt-right cards found

Lee’s Summit, MO alt-right cards in restaurant

Daniel Kleve, UNL student, Vanguard America member

Daniel J Kleve of Norfolk, NE, currently attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a junior 2017-18 – major: biochemistry. Member of Vanguard America, creator of the group Racial Theocracy, acted as security for high-profile Alt-Right personality Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet while in Charlottesville, VA during the Unite the Right rally August 12, 2017.

kleve banner(Daniel Kleve (left) is photographed holding an Vanguard America banner near Ashland, NE on August 6th, 2017)

Daniel Kleve is a member of the white nationalist group, Vanguard America. Kleve attended the Unite the Right rally as a member of VA, and provided private security.

Vanguard America is a white supremacist group that opposes multiculturalism and believes the U.S. is an exclusively white nation. Using a right-wing nationalist slogan, Blood and Soil, VA romanticizes the notion that people with “white blood” have a special bond with “American soil.” This philosophy first originated in Germany (as Blut und Boden) and was later popularized by Hitler’s regime. In the same vein, VA uses “For Race and Nation” as a variant slogan. James Fields was also a member of Vanguard America. Fields was the driver of the car that rammed into an anti-racist march in Charlottesville, VA on August 12, killing Heather Heyer, and injuring 19 others.

Previously known as American Vanguard – and before that, Reaction America – before joining the Nationalist Front, a confederation of hate groups co-led by Jeff Schoep, the leader of the neo-Nazi Nationalist Socialist Movement, and Matthew Heimbach, the leader of the Traditionalist Workers Party. Vanguard America gained their first taste notoriety when Anti-Fascist Action Nebraska outed their National Deputy Director, Cooper Ward of Omaha, NE, and another student in the University of Nebraska-Omaha school system. Ward dropped out of UNO on January 18, the same day thousands of flyers with his face and neo-Nazi connects were made public on campus. Ward also left, The Daily Shoah, a popular fascist podcast he co-hosted on The Right Stuff radio network.

Daniel J Kleve of Norfolk, NE, currently attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a junior 2017-18 – major: biochemistry (

– ADL backgrounder on Daniel Kleve’s group ‘Racial Theocracy’ described as “the idea that religious fulfillment comes from the proper expression of racial, social, and spiritual characteristics.” (

Twitter: @RacialTheocracy (

– Charlottesville, VA Unite the Right Rally on 8/12/17 crowdfund page (

Facebook account 1 (;

Facebook account 2 (

Facebook selfie of forearm tattoos (

Facebook selfie in a “Right Wing Death Squad” tank top (

– Norfolk, NE 2016 primaries exit polls interview with Norfolk US92 News (

Drives White Dodge Dakota Sport (