kale muffley

Kale Muffley of Council Bluffs, IA is a classic racist. His style of ideology is Common White Boy racism –  a generational racist worldview – and isn’t easily marketed as Alt-Right because it isn’t a new sort of racist brand. Kale isn’t dapper and he doesn’t fit in with the collegiate and upper class ranks of the Chad Nationalists in their polo shirts and khakis, marching with their Tiki torches.

No, Kale is that old stereotype of racism: the angry working class with a trade. Kale Muffley has worked as traveling glazier installing massive beachfront windows in homes he’ll never afford, but is convinced he might some day. It’s good money when you can find it, or in Kale’s warped vision: If the Jewish Conspiracy wouldn’t keep him down.

kale meme.png

Before the Daily Stormer was run off the internet, Kale Muffley was also known as Fashygoydon. The Daily Stormer Book Club had a fashy little meet up the night before car windows were smashed at the College World Series and Alt-Right cards were left on the door. Kale was helpful enough to not cover his sweet Taurus tattoo on his left shin. The same Taurus tattoo on his Facebook user picture. (4/16/95 never forget!) Who are these other frogboys, you might be asking yourself? The squatting Moonman is none other than Identity Evropa member and Omaha drummer, Matt “Oktoberfaust” Johnson. The seig heil in the center belongs to Kale’s brother Kevin Muffley, also of Council Bluffs, and verified by his forearm tattoo sleeve. On Facebook, he is Kevin Nuggit Muffley (archive http://archive.is/eQJVi) and it seems fatherhood has taken a toll on Kevin if his 30-40 pounds of dadweight since his 2010 Georgia mugshot is any indication. (archive http://archive.is/Vtnz6)

Barrel bar stormer.jpg On Facebook, Kale still prefers to be called by his leafy green Christian name: Kale Muffley (archived view) and on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kalemuffley/

Taurus tattoo http://archive.is/Gu1xi

anti-Semitic Facebook meme http://archive.is/nocNK

KKK flag seig heil http://archive.is/2fqQc