University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Neo-Nazi Safe Space

University of Nebraska-Lincoln are aware they have a campus neo-Nazi problem. This is not disputed. They are “aware of the situation” with Daniel Kleve, a 23 year old junior biology major, and have reaffirmed this awareness in email and phone calls many times since August 19, 2017, a week after Dan Kleve attended the deadly “Unite the Right” rally. UNL knew six days after he was photographed with other Vanguard America members attacking someone from a group of anti-racist clergy with his large metal flashlight on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia. UNL knew there was an armed self-identifying neo-Nazi on campus planning revenge on students he suspected had alerted the administration.


In a Google Hangouts video chat hosted by Blake Lucca, Kleve tells the others “Trust me, I want to be violent. Trust me. Really violent. But now is not the time. So we need to build ourselves up. We need to be disciplined … so that when the time comes, we can, you know, do what needs to be done basically.”

UNL STUDENTS ORGANIZED AGAINST HATE ON CAMPUS. EVENT DETAILS FOR WEDNESDAY FEB 7 follow on twitter @UNLagainstHate and the hashtag #notatUNL. Daily Nebraskan coverage of the large rally.


The UNL administration looked the other way and hoped everyone else would too. University of Nebraska is aware it is putting students and the city of Lincoln at risk by doing nothing to address a student organizing others for violence and advocating for racist genocide.

UNL has taken such a stance because they are afraid, but not of Daniel. They are afraid of the backlash they received from the governor and state legislators about the more palatable young conservative group Turning Point USA getting “harassed” by a grad student for tabling stale piss Reaganomics during a recruiting drive. The University fired the student-lecturer for expressing an opinion after a pressure campaign by TP USA; both the news director and chief communication and marketing officers resigned.

On September 12, one month after the Unite the Right, the Lincoln city council proposed a resolution against hate. Two people spoke against the resolution: Katie Mullen, the TP USA student that cost three people their jobs, and Dan Kleve “who identifies himself with the white nationalist movement.” Mullen said she fears police could “come to my door for standing up for freedom.”

UNL is outright protecting a violent self-identifying white nationalist because they’re scared of bad press backlash from some young republicans.
Dan Kleve posing in front of his neighbor’s window. His lapel pin is the algiz rune, or z-rune, representing Generation Z, which the alt-right not-so-euphemistically calls Generation Zyklon after the cyanide fumigant gas used in Nazi death camps.

Daniel met David Duke, the former Louisiana state representative and Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan in Charlottesville during the Unite the Right.

Always punch Nazis? Absolutely.

Diversity of tactics? Definitely.

Richard Spencer was punched on January 20, 2017 because he was on a street corner surrounded by fawning mainstream media during a major event. It was a punch of opportunity, but it wasn’t the first or only attack. In fact, the moments before the punch heard ’round the world, Spencer explained some of the other tactics used against him: “We expect protesters with their Silly String or something like that, but we’ve entered this new world.” Likewise, strategic attacks against neo-fascist infrastructure are often overlooked or unseen for their lack of sensationalism. When a neo-Nazi is punched, it gives them the veil of victimhood and with it comes pity money and another platform. However, if the ground work is set and the fundraising and media platforms have already removed them or are otherwise restrictive to those spreading hate, the self-imposed victimization only projects their base weakness. When you punch a Nazi, the whole world punches with you.

“Power is now in infrastructure” as Invisible Committee put it in To Our Friends. It is not as easy to overthrow infrastructure like it is kings and dictators. Infrastructure doesn’t drink poison or fall from bullets. It is, however, easier to blockade chokepoints of capitalist infrastructure. Applying anti-capitalist tactics used against resource extraction infrastructure to also hem up and deplatform fascist activity and funding is another prong in anti-fascist work. Pressure campaigns have seen success in pushing the tech sector to act in refusing to provide platforms for hate.

Daniel Kleve’s deplatformed list is a long one. Beginning with an exit poll interview he gave to Norfolk’s Nebraska News Channel that he claims got him fired from a job at Coca-Cola, ironic given Coke’s favorable proximity to the Third Reich. Whether it was his poor work ethic or opinions that got him fired, it was only the first. The gaming chat platform Discord, which Unicorn Riot claimed “most, or all, of the organizations involved in Unite the Right actively use Discord in their everyday work, the platform has been described as having a monopoly on the internal communications of the modern white supremacist movement.” Kleve’s previous chat servers and handle on Discord were deleted after it was leaked he wanted to “go Turner Diaries” on fellow students. (A reference to the 1978 novel about militant white separatists starting a race war, authored by Holocaust denier William Pierce.)

Kleve lost his Twitter account @racialtheocracy after the recognition ADL gave to the Facebook hate group he operated under the same name. Kleve was removed from IndieGoGo for raising a little money to attend the Unite the Right, and was twice removed from Paypal. The alt-right parallel to GoFundMe called “GoyFundMe” lost their webhost for promotion of hate groups, and with it Kleve and many others lost their donations that was potentially just a front for a Spanish shipping container company the whole time?
Kleve has three Facebook accounts because at least one is always in a 30-day suspension. Soundcloud removed his low-energy attempt at a Vanguard America podcast, and the bad optics played a part in Vanguard severing ties not only with him, but those he recruited and vouched for as well. His application to Identity Evropa was rejected, but not before they got some free labor out of him, which shouldn’t have been a surprise after he mockingly counter-signaled the group with an embarrassingly small flash mob at a church in Antioch, Tennessee during the weekend of cringe “White Lives Matter” protests that were outnumbered and shut down by local anti-racists in two neighboring towns.
Evident here are the chokepoints of tech infrastructure even for a relative nobody attempting to climb the white nationalist social stratum, but not all points of conflict are blockaded with the same effort.

For example, Kleve’s university is painfully aware of the violent acts he committed in Charlottesville, Va, the racist violence his group initiated in Brentwood, Tn, and the threats he’s made to students, but administration has looked the other way at every step. Punching him does not expel him from university because the public relations department would rather coddle violent fascists than be shunned for taking proactive steps in securing the safety of their students and a future for their funding.

Gary “Gerhard” Lauck, the Farm Belt Fuhrer of Fairbury, NE

Gary Lauck, aka Gerhard Lauck, aka the Farm Belt Führer, aka Grandpa Fascism, aka the Stuttering Anti-Semite, lives in Fairbury, NE. Some of our crew have encountered him at past NSM rallies, probably most recently in 2002 on the Topeka, Kansas statehouse steps, but it is likely there have been more recent brushes considering his Fairbury neighbors have a laissez-faire attitude to his existence, and he has toned down his image since reportedly getting mailbombed. He grew out the side of his Hitler mustache as he grew eldery.

On July 6, 2017, The Guardian ran an unprompted long-form piece fawning on Lauck’s rather mediocre history, yet large influence in neo-Nazi culture. He ceased being even locally newsworthy at the end of the 20th century, after returning to the U.S. following a four-year sentence in a Hamburg, Germany prison for violation of hate crime laws related to distribution of Nazi literature across Europe, and false identification papers in Denmark. He continues hosting Nazi propaganda websites in the U.S. to circumvent European laws, and still runs a mail order book store for out-of-print Nazi and books from a PO Box in Fairbury. That’s the extent of his 64 years. Sad!

In August, days after the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, Brent Fox, an organizer of the Daily Stormer ‘book club’ announced he had contacted Lauck and set up two websites. By Thanksgiving, Daniel Kleve was posting on Facebook that he was having dinner with someone presumed to be Lauck, as that’s who he receives reading material from. At the beginning of December, Lauck and the Stormer group began promoting their websites and tying it to the “It’s Okay to be White” 4chan campaign. The websites are a new direction for Lauck, as they greatly tone down the neo-Nazi imagery and rhetorical white nationalist screeds, which fit well with the middling cowardice of the IOTBW approach.


Cooper Ward, Omaha white nationalist

On December 16th, 2016, we submitted a report to It’s Going Down on the once rising alt-right media darling Cooper Ward. At the time of the report, Cooper was enrolled at University of Nebraska-Omaha, was a regular guest on the podcast The Daily Shoah, deputy director of American Vanguard (aka Reaction America, aka Vanguard America, aka Patriot Front), and the content creator for the Counter-Signal Memes for Fashy Goys page on Facebook.

We had an eye on Cooper for months before his grand coming out party. It was in the comments of his meme page where he posted an obscured selfie but forgot to blur the Nebraska license plate of his car parked in his mom’s driveway. He made appearances at pre-election anti-Trump rallies in the Omaha metro in failed attempts to “trigger timid shitlibs” by using genius brain skills gained from his partial philosophy degree. His bearded, lumbering appearance and stammering lines of questioning at these rallies didn’t go unnoticed, but wasn’t the masterful trolling he considered it to be. It wasn’t until Cooper unmasked himself on his Youtube channel feeling emboldened by the election of Trump, and freshly shaved with a bleached combover, that he began airing his sick owns on The Bone Zone. It was then we realized the podcasting memelord and the tall awkward guy at rallies we already knew by name were one in the same.

On November 8, the Vanguard Nebraska account tweeted a photo of a group holding the flag. When a community radio dj reposted it, she says many people contacted her to say they were tricked into holding it by two guys claiming in was in support of U.S. troops. The photo was taken sometime in the late summer of 2016 while Jesse “SeventhSonTRS” Dunstan visited Cooper in Omaha. The local tv news quoted the false claim of 100 Vanguard members in Nebraska in a Twitter interview with the person running the Vanguard Nebraska account, and calling himself Sam Hyde, the name of a comedian attached to the alt-right famous for being named as a suspect after mass shootings.

Less than two weeks after we exposed what he already laid bare, Cooper began denying the claims made against him in emails to IGD, later proposing a quid pro quo that if they deleted the post, he would identify other hosts of The Daily Shoah and recede from public life faster than his hairline.

On January 9th, the new semester at UNO began and students were met with a flurry of flyers alerting them of the threat Ward’s racist, genocidal ideology posed on campus. The same day he dropped all his classes and retreated back to his mom’s McMansion in West Omaha.

Pro-cop twitter account “meanstreetsoma” screenshot

A full timeline of the month-long domino effect we caused in The Right Stuff podcasting empire is documented on the blog Angry White Men.

Below is the first statement originally posted to IGD, and the follow-up where Cooper Ward offered to snitch. If only more fascists believed in the noble creed of death before dishonor.

The response from the /pol/ chans lit up with fear, anger, and disgust that their heroes weren’t who they claimed to be, and had to find out from their ideological enemies. Natural to the environment of 4chan and 8chan, each dox let a thousand conspiracy theories bloom. Claims that Cooper used TRS and Vanguard America meet-ups as a way to groom underage boys for sex, to the idea that because Mike “Enoch” Peinovich was married to a Jewish woman and lived on the Upper East Side of New York City he couldn’t possibly be a “real” white nationalist, and must be a CIA ‘controlled opposition’ asset meant to cause rifts in their movement. Whether Peinovich actually separated with his wife isn’t much of anyone else’s concern, but it certainly made their professional lives harder. If Ward was really grooming children, we have not seen any reports of victims coming forward yet (and they might forever be silenced out of fear), but it was a serious enough concern for Vanguard America to set an 18 and over membership requirement shortly afterwards.


We have entered an era where the disgusting and vile approach of once-closeted fascists and racists has become an accepted norm on the American stage. The normalization has begun, with excuses by not only the right, but also the liberals who believe the hatred espoused by these “people” is “freedom of speech.” Are they so blind to not understand that the fascist calls from behind their podium of lies is a recruiting tool? Are they so blind to not understand that this hatred espoused by these Nazis rallies their forces, and influences other white nationalist individuals to partake in lone wolf direct action?

We believe in silencing the hate speech of these shadowy organizations as a defensive action for all marginalized people forced to hide in fear. We believe in direct action to defend all communities that may find themselves threatened.

As Antifascist Action-Nebraska, we have dedicated our work towards hunting down and exposing these Alt-Right Nazis.

We have chosen to expose the Deputy Leader of American Vanguard who is an Omaha resident. American Vanguard is a White Nationalist organization responsible for the poster/flyer campaigns at Purdue University, Florida Gulf Coast University, the University of Maryland as well as street corners across the country under their “Northern Propaganda Campaign”.

This is a war, they fired the first shots, now all people of conscience must join with us and fight the scourge of Nazism.

Cooper Ward is the co-host of the alt-right Nazi Podcast “The Daily Shoah”, as well as a member and deputy leader of the nationwide white nationalist group American Vanguard. It is believed that Cooper Ward acts as a recruiter for American Vanguard.

Ward operates out of his mom’s home in Omaha, Nebraska. Ward has been printing white nationalist posters and distributing them. We in Nebraska have begun to see these posters on our street corners, joining with a myriad of other cities and states who have been infected with American Vanguard propaganda.

In solidarity.
Antifascist Action-Nebraska



Nebraska – Kansas NSM Neo-Nazi James Ludacka

James Ludacka is a Plains regional captain for National Socialist Movement. He prefers to go by Jim when he speaks to media. Ludacka lives in Scandia, Kansas approximately 20 miles south of the Nebraska-Kansas border, and about 2 hours south of Lincoln. One of his three brothers, Joel, unsuccessfully tried to rob a bank in their little hometown of Mead, which is about halfway between Omaha and Lincoln; approximately 30 minutes either direction. He was released in 2015 and lives in Wahoo.

Jim has long been known to anti-fascists in Kansas and Missouri for being instrumental in organizing NSM rallies against non-white immigration in Topeka, KS in 2002, Omaha, NE in 2007, and Kansas City, MO in 2013. Ludacka claimed immigrants were stealing jobs. As of the 2010 census, Scandia has 350 people and is 98.9 percent white. Mead has 550 people and 98.1 percent white. Ludacka only sees poor white people in small towns, so of course he thinks someone that doesn’t look like him is at fault.

Many thanks to the Missouri anti-fascists, and also the tip from @don_chump of Restoring the Honor blog for getting his ID from photos taken in Shelbyville, TN during the “White Lives Matter” rally on October 28, 2016. Here he was spotted with a Huskers football patch on his battle vest at the police checkpoint. Counter protesters and media were not allowed anything that might be a weapon such as flagpoles and camera mono/tripods. The white nationalist groups had shields, helmets, and mic stands.


Also in attendance with the NSM were the League of the South, disrobed Klansmen, the Traditional Workers Party, and a handful of Vanguard America members. Here’s TWP’s Matt Heimbach giving an interview and there’s Ludacka on the right and directly center in the back is Daniel Kleve, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln biochemistry major and member of Vanguard America.


Here’s Ludacka with NSM “commander” Jeff Schoep, with the “White Lives Matter” rally organizer Brad Griffin aka Hunter Wallace and again, Daniel Kleve in the background.

After the failed White Lives Matter rally, around 20 members of TWP and Vanguard America, including Heimbach and Kleve, started a fight with an interracial couple at bar in suburban Nashville. The following day, Kleve and four others harassed parishioners of the Burnette Chapel in Antioch, TN to prove “white people are under attack” after a Sudanese-born man shot six people and killed one at the church in a domestic assault case. The alt-right claim it was a “reverse Dylann Roof” situation. On Kleve’s short-lived low energy Vanguard podcast he refers to him as “Saint Dylann Roof” in the first episode.

Ludacka has the neo-Nazi version of Benjamin Button’s reverse aging.

Here is Ludacka in 2002 looking like he has one foot in the grave selling swastika armbands just before the rally on the Topeka statehouse steps. Maybe the beard just hides the look of death better.

Ludacka on his way into the Topeka rally showing his “Dump Israel” sign. 

November 9 2013, Kansas City MO federal courthouse. The NSM and Klan held a Midwest convergence and Ludacka embarrassed his commander Jeff Schoep in what he later called the “unfriendly city” by pulling in fewer than 50 people, and were countered by 300-400 anti-racists.


November 4th “civil war” hoax

What if the Right memed a civil war and no one showed? Just a bunch of empty white sheets moaning about blood and soil.

#RefuseFascism, which is the name of the November 4th protest march that is only slated in a handful of large cities, is meant to drive out the “Trump/Pence Regime” so says the advertising by the formerly Maoist organization founded in the 1970s, Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. The current form of RCP, or RevCom, is a staple of protests in NYC, if at times an unwelcome staple.

The group’s plans for Nov. 4, which have become shrouded in misinformation helpfully guided by right-wing media willfully misleading their readers into thinking a joke tweeted by a popular account was a real threat when it said “can’t wait for November 4th when millions of antifa supersoldiers will behead all white parents and small business owners in the town square.”

Of course the otherwise rational and level-headed consumers of racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories peddled by Breitbart, Alex Jones, and Fox News would notice an absurdist joke when they saw one, right? Right? Alt-right?

Wrong. Within hours @KrangTNelson, the comedy twitter account responsible was suspended in a mass-report campaign and was being called the “ANTIFA Leader” in Breitbart. In Newsweek the “Antifa Supersoldier” myth was examined and debunked. On Facebook, trigger-happy threats became more pronounced at the fear of an anti-fascist civil war that ballooned to even more comical proportions by sweeping in associations with ISIS and MS-13, and U.S. Military sleeper cells, and even the United Nations!

In Omaha, a self-identified Patriot on Craigslist put out the call to defend against the oxymoron of planned riots at Memorial Park intended to tear down statues or something. The post says they “reached out to biker groups (such as freedom riders, and bikers for Jesus christ), Republican groups, libertarian groups, veteran groups, etc. I have also let the sarpy and Douglas County sherrifs know” it also reminds anyone going not to cause violence. The call was picked up by a Stormfront poster and urged optics homogeneity. “I ask you not to bring swastika flags or dress in kkk clothing. let’s blend in with the other right wingers don’t do anything illegal.” If you have to constantly remind your supporters to not be violent, it suggests violence is the default of right-wing events and counter-protests. The last three major white nationalist events have concluded on violent terms.

8/12 Charlottesville, VA Unite the Right: vehicular murder
10/19 Gainesville, FL Richard Spencer speech: attempted murder by firearm
10/28 Shelbyville, TN White Lives Matter rally: interracial couple assaulted at a bar

Sources: (

Stormfront archive (



Vanguard America now podcasting from Lincoln, NE

Vanguard America are splintering just as predicted in the fallout after James Fields rammed his car into the back of an anti-racist march in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing Heather Heyer and injuring 19 others.

James Alex Fields, Jr (left) standing in formation with Vanguard America, Charlottesville, VA, August 12, 2017

In the weeks that followed, the national organization desperately tore itself in multiple directions. They claimed to have no knowledge of Fields despite photos of him marching in formation dressed in the Chad Nationalist uniform and shield, then attempted to rebrand about once a week for 6 weeks, eventually splintering into two camps. Richard Spencer, in a post on AltRight dot com we will not link to directly, suggested dropping the swastikas in favor of the “Betsy Ross flag” because “the meaning is the same.” Spencer’s National Policy Institute has often enlisted Vanguard America as an auxiliary security force alongside his personal bodyguards. Patriot Front splintered from Vanguard America; the former taking Spencer’s optics advice, and the latter going all in with white power Celtic crosses and fasces.

Vanguard now has a podcast. It is being poorly recorded in a small off-campus apartment in Lincoln, Nebraska by UNL junior Daniel Kleve. In Charlottesville, Kleve was assigned to Baked Alaska’s security detail and is using that experience to tell himself he is a rising star in the alt-right.

In May 2017, Soundcloud deplatformed the alt-lite’s trust fund CHUD, Richard Spencer from using their service and certainly will not abide neo-Nazis using their platform to recruit. Click here to file a ticket for reporting a Terms of Service violation of hate speech. Copy/paste this when prompted

Daniel Kleve, Charlottesville, VA, August 12, 2017 (CNN)

UNICORN RIOT report: Neo-Nazis Plan Revenge in New Discord Server After #UniteTheRight

Unicorn Riot is an indispensable resource of volunteer investigative journalists working on donations only.

Since the deadly August 12th #UniteTheRight rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Unicorn Riot has poured over 1000s of images of alt-right organizer chats on the gaming platform Discord. On September 5th, Unicorn Riot reported about Daniel Kleve plotting revenge for the grand unveiling we gave him. Kleve is a 3rd year biochemistry student at University of Nebraska-Lincoln and an active organizer for Vanguard America, for which he acted as a security detail for Baked Alaska in Charlottesville.

Read the whole account on Unicorn Riot. Here are important excerpts of Daniel Kleve plotting violence, as reported:

The ‘Pony Power’ server was set up by an individual using the Discord username ‘I Am Not A Gerbil’ who repeatedly identifies himself as Nebraska resident Dan Kleve. He also runs an online national socialist group called “Racial Theocracy”, for which he was profiled by the Anti-Defamation League earlier this year.

After Kleve was identified in Charlottesville and exposed online, people began calling the head of his department at University of Nebraska-Lincoln and demanding that he be expelled.

In an apparent retaliation for this, Kleve created the ‘Pony Power’ server to seek revenge by maliciously publishing the personal information of alleged antifascists and encouraging others to harass them and bring them harm. “There was a coordinated effort to get me kicked out of uni,” Kleve wrote in one Discord message.

Dan Kleve, referring to people to be listed in this database, asked “Do we go Turner Diaries on them?” – this comment made by Kleve appears to be advocating murder, as he refers to the 1978 novel The Turner Diaries, in which white supremacist insurgents overthrow the US government and exterminate all non-whites on the planet. The Southern Poverty Law Center has referred to The Turner Diaries as “the bible of the racist right.”

Jayson “Jayzvola” Wells, Omaha esoteric neo-Nazi

jayson wells

Jayson Wells, Omaha, NE (La Vista) is a neo-Nazi. (Facebook)

Not exactly the kind that marches around in an SS uniform, but the kind that lends credence to the symbols on the uniform. Jayson Wells is an esoteric style neo-Nazi that builds the symbolic arm to make racial genocide seem flashy and dapper. Jayson’s screen name “JayZvola” is a play on both billionaire rap mogul Jay-Z and Italian philosopher Julius Evola. Using AAVE language or names is a common ‘false-flag’ practice of alt-right trolls in adopting caricatures of Black people to say racist, sexist, and fascist garbage.

Julius Evola was an Italian Fascist writer that expounded strict anti-modern, anti-egalitarian, anti-democratic, and anti-populist systems. Among other books, he wrote Revolt Against the Modern World: Politics, Religion, and Social Order in the Kali Yuga, which is a favorite read of Trump’s former chief strategist and Breitbart editor, Steve Bannon, which had previously also inspired Benito Mussolini. Evola was an acquaintance of Heinrich Himmler, the Nazi chiefly responsible for the creation and efficiency of concentration camps.




Tweet archive

Because The Right Stuff has learned that anti-fascists are archiving their hate forum, they no longer allow archivist sites access. So here are some screenshots.


jayson trs.png

jayson trs 2

jayson trs 3.png

Jayson Wells was more active on Daily Stormer but they have yet again been deplatformed and have retreated to a Tor node. Jayson would look like a run-of-the-mill stereotyped blue collar racist based on his forum posts, however, the imagery he chooses is more obscure than a swastika or a Pepe of the alt-right and alt-light. This is probably less due to his self-inflated idea of intelligence and more so that he is too cowardly to fly an NSDAP flag. Instead, the Black Sun flag he uses as his forum and Twitter avatar and Facebook header is modeled on the Reichskriegsflagge or ‘battle flag’ which were imperial German flags later adapted when Nazis took power.

Replacing the Iron Cross is the Odal rune, meaning heritage or inherited state in the Elder Futhark pre-Germanic writing system. The Odal rune was used by the SS Mountain Division in what was then the Independent State of Croatia, Hungary, and Romania, as they claimed themselves “ethnic German” or Volksdeutsche. Where the swastika is featured in the Reich flag is replaced with the Black Sun, another esoteric symbol, but with murkier origins. The Black Sun is both said to have mystical powers of an anti-sun (possibly a lunar eclipse) and to depict three inverted swastikas representing a rising, zenith, and setting sun. A large mosaic sun wheel exists in the north tower of a castle owned by Himmler which served as a generals’ quarters. Both anti-racist neopagans and modern day neo-Nazis in Germany use the image.

odal sun flagKriegsflagge


Archived links:

Facebook: (since deleted)



The Right Stuff:

Reddit: (since deleted)

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Daily Stormer Omaha & Council Bluffs Book Club


Back left; clockwise: Brent Fox with his hand on his hip, Kale Muffley in the Metallica shirt. Kale’s brother Kevin Muffley in the Jagermeister shirt trying to seig heil. There’s Holland Ludwick in the ‘Good Night Left Side’ shirt in the back with Pinochet all over his face. You’ll notice Bryan Curtis in the OOSH Helicopter Rides shirt, Matt Johnson in the red CIS SCUM shirt, Holland’s brother Dylan Ludwick with his hands on his knees, wearing his favorite Every Time I Die shirt.

These are just a few of the active fascists in the Omaha metro. There are more, such as the infamous Gerhard Lauck in Fairbury; the 50 year old lecher, William G Rempel of Hastings, NE; Daniel Kleve, a junior at University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Nathan Patterson at University of Nebraska-Omaha; Cooper Ward of Omaha; and more yet to be named. Do your part to keep fascism from spreading like a cancer.

Barrel bar stormer

Brent Fox, white nationalist recruiter, Daily Stormer Book Club

brent selfie

Brent Fox, an Omaha, Nebraska “book club” recruiter for the neo-Nazi forum Daily Stormer. Brent is active in the Millard & West Omaha area, but recruits online for the Greater Omaha and Council Bluffs area, and attempts to expand his little circle of fascists by hosting members of the Des Moines, Iowa Stormer book club.

brent recruiting

(screenshot of the Daily Stormer with the Algerian domain suffix, active as of 8/29/2017, where the forum landed after all major domain hosting companies refused service to the website owner Andrew Anglin, following the deadly end of the Unite the Right rally organized in part by Anglin.)


Brent Fox is known on Daily Stormer as Fashy_fox, on twitter as @Lycalopex, on the road as Nebraska plate TPN 540, and he posted his professional email civilianfox@yahoo in the Omaha book club. The same email Brent uses on his resume, which he also helpfully posted online, however it is not up-to-date as of this posting. Brent is fluent in Russian and is a former Network Administrator II for the US Air Force Department of Defense. Civilian IT contractors that can’t figure out how Google works are running the backend of your defense systems, America.

(screenshot from the briefly held PunishedStormer during the interim of all major domain hosting companies refusing service to the website owner Andrew Anglin.)

On the The Right Stuff he is lycalopex, but has let it sit dormant, because like many white nationalists of the post-Trump election era that want to take their online hate to irl, TRS doesn’t present as deep of a well considering it is less centered on small cell organizing and more centered on non-stop fundraising via podcasts.

On Daily Stormer, Brent appears to have also claimed a leadership role in the Alt-Right card distribution the Omaha Stormer Book Club took part in at the 2017 College World Series where a Black man had his car window broken and a card left behind in the window seal. Brent gives a “friendly reminder that we do not break laws” and suggests the man broke his own window, but does not however deny leaving the Alt-Right card. This is the same incident where Omaha Stormer Book Club member Matt “Oktoberfaust” Johnson was found to have made a similar claim in a Youtube comment on the 3 News Now video segment. Matt was subsequently kicked out of his band and fired from his job in the same week he was exposed to have traveled to the “race realist” American Renaissance conference as a member of the criminal group of white nationalists known as Identity Evropa.

brent ds window(screenshot from the briefly held PunishedStormer during the interim of all major domain hosting companies refusing service to the website owner Andrew Anglin.)

Barrel bar stormer

Brent Fox, back left, and his Daily Stormer Book Club hate group, photographed the Thursday before smashing windows at CWS.

Here, Brent Fox says “I admire what you did” to ‘Ghoul’ just days after news that Ghoul is exposed as Cooper Ward, then-Deputy Director of Vanguard America, the same white nationalist group James Alex Fields belonged to on the day he drove his car into the back of anti-racist and anti-fascist marchers in Charlottesville, Virginia injuring dozens and killing Heather Heyer on August 12, 2017.

brent ds 1

Archived links: